Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hijab PhotoPicture- What Style I Prefer: Easy Going To Birthday Bash

Assalamualaikum & Hi Readers!

Theme song: J Lo ft Pitbull-On the Floor
What Style I Prefer?

In order to celebrate a birthday bash of a friend, I need to wear a leisurewear and it will makes me easy-going-running-anywhere in order to have a great escape from a creme whipping topping and yellowish egg yolk!

Alrite baby! Lets get style and get gorgeous!

"it's a new generation~"

"let me introduce you, o my party people"

"Brazil, Monaco, London to Ibiza~ Straight to New York, Vegas and Africa"

Actually, i prefer black color because it's really suits with me. However, i need to contrast the color by mixing up with long stripe shirt in order to make up my appearance. I really love to wear skinny and jeggings. However, i need to work up more in order to stay fit and get the K-Pop skinny leg! (boleh ke?)

What u prefer to wear for the birthday bash party?

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